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2019 News

Ella is our 2019 Club Champion!

Our annual club championships were held at Marriott’s Gym, with eight individual competitions being strongly contested and a range of individual trophies to be awarded. The results are detailed below:

Development (age 6/7) – Joint 1st: Elsie Demetriou & Lexi-Mai Allen. 3rd: Isabelle Lake

Juniors Under 9 – 1st: Amber-Lily Douglas 2nd: Bella Lord

Juniors 9+ – 1st: Emily Palmer 2nd: Miah Browne 3rd: Grace Watts

Senior Squad Beginners - 1st: Zara Douglas

Level 6 (Under 9) – 1st: Sophie Turner 2nd: Daisy Mehmet 3rd: Lucy Day

Level 6 (9+) - 1st: Luella Hawkins 2nd: Zahraa Khaled 3rd: Beth Stanyer

Level 5 (Under 14) - 1st: Sadie Shand 2nd: Laci Townley 3rd: Abigail Mehmet

Level 4 (10+) - 1st: Ella Watson 2nd: Briony McDonagh 3rd: Jasmine Lethbridge

Special Trophies

Jo’s Plate – Highest score out of standard: Sadie Shand

John Braham Trophy - Highest Vault Score: Ella Watson

Ashby Trophy - Highest Beam Score: Sadie Shand

Cathy's Shield - Highest Level 5 Floor: Laci Townley

Taylor Trophy - Highest Individual Apparatus Score: Ella Watson (Floor)

Val's Cup - Highest Score for a Junior routine: Emily Palmer (Beam/Floor)

Shield for Determination & Personal Achievement: Julia Ruszelak


Well done to all the gymnasts who competed and gave the spectators such a great competition to watch!


Turnford A team win bronze!

On Sunday 17th November 2019, we had gymnasts competing at the level 6 Hertfordshire Team Championships.

Both teams performed extremely well, with Turnford Team A coming 3rd overall picking up bronze medals and Turnford B coming 4th place.

Turnford A: Sadie Shand, Luella Hawkins, Kacie Coates & Julia Ruszelak.